How to Support your Adrenal Glands During Pregnancy

You are feeling extremely exhausted and getting sick all the time this pregnancy. You feel like you are eating well and forcing yourself to get some exercise but still you are exhausted and on top of that you can’t sleep. Does this resonate with you? You may believe that this is just pregnancy but it may be that your adrenal glands need some support. Even if you are not that exhausted it is not unusual for your adrenals to need a little support during pregnancy.

Your adrenal glands control your stress response. They produce cortisol when the body is stressed. If the body is constantly stressed either physically or emotionally the adrenal glands will become less able to function. Also, they will steal hormones from other parts of the body causing hormonal imbalance. The final blow when the adrenals are exhausted it can cause the thyroid to work slower which means the whole body works slower.

Pregnancy can put a lot of extra stress on your body and if your adrenals were already depleted before you got pregnant they may crash during pregnancy. Unfortunately, some of the best ways to support your adrenals with adoptogenic herbs are not considered safe in pregnancy. These can be implemented during preconception and stopped when conception occurs and are safe during breastfeeding in the postpartum but not during pregnancy. There are some ways to feel amazing during pregnancy and support your adrenals.

Research shows that when we are stressed during pregnancy it cause increase cortisol to be produced in the baby in utero as well. Women with compromised adrenals will often have babies born with similar compromised adrenal gland.

How to support your adrenals in pregnancy.

1.     Say No! Honestly being able to lower stress in your life means being powerful in what you say and do. If you can’t say no you will go crazy and be exhausted. We live in a culture that believes we should be doing everything where actually we should be focused on doing a few things well. I highly recommend the book Boundaries to understand how to be powerful with your yes and no.

2.     Eat more real food especially unsaturated fats. Your body needs good fats for hormone production. One of the worst stress for our body is nutritional deficiencies. If we don’t get what we need in our foods then we will steal it form our body. Eating lots of good soups with colorful vegetables and good quality meats plus fresh eggs will supply nutrients you need.

3.     Keep your blood sugars balanced. This is a bit of a catch 22 because irregular blood sugars stress the adrenal glands and stressed adrenal glands cause irregular blood sugars. Irregular blood sugars are a major cause of insomnia. So be zealous about eating on a regular basis real food.  This could mean eating every 2 hours something with fat, protein, and a complex carbohydrates. My favorite way to balance blood sugars is by taking a product called SLIM.  It regulates blood sugars using chromium. I recommend ½ to 1 packet a day in water and it is safe in pregnancy, and it tastes amazing. Better blood sugars equal better sleep and happier adrenals.

4.     Take specific vitamins. The most important vitamins for adrenal health are Bs and C. Vitamin C feeds the adrenal glands and lower inflammation. Vitamin B is used up when the body is under stress so the more stress the more B vitamins you need. I recommend getting them from a whole food source like standard process or mega foods. When getting B’s make sure to get active forms of folate not the synthetic folic acid. See my blog: The Downside of Folic Acid

5.     Take an adrenal glandular. What’s a glandular? It’s a part of the adrenal gland from either a cow or pig that is freeze dried and processed into a supplement. The glandular has the same molecular makeup of the adrenal gland in a human providing the exact building blocks necessary for repair. It is the way to support a damaged adrenal with adrenal parts. Taking an adrenal glandular is one of the best ways to heal and support your adrenals and is safe in pregnancy. I recommend Drenamin because it has food based vitamin B, and vitamin C and cow adrenal glandular. If you are really exhausted try taking 1 every hour for 10 hours during the day. Standard Process in sold only through health care professionals. Become a Vibrant Member Free to buy it from my store and get 25% off on supplements store wide.

6.      Get enough sleep. I know when your pregnant sleep is more precious than gold. There are several strategies for better sleep that I talk about in my blog 4 ways to improve sleep during pregnancy.

7.     Salt either Himalayan or sea salt is super important to the adrenal glands. Our cells use electricity to communicate and the ability to do this comes from the components of salt. I recommend ½ tsp per day minimum especially in pregnancy. Or you can salt your food to taste.

You adrenals are a key to thriving during the exciting time of pregnancy. Please try the above strategies and if you need some support I would love to work with you to help you create a plan to thrive during this exciting time. Remember you are laying a foundation for the rest of your life and your baby’s life.


Years of being a licensed midwife and taking lots of continuing education classes. 🙂

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