Four Causes of insomnia during pregnancy and solutions.

During pregnancy women want to be even more careful what they take so certain drugs are out. What is safe to do when you can’t sleep in pregnancy. The answer is in why you can’t sleep so I want to dig a bit deeper into why you may not be sleeping and what is safe to enhance sleep even during pregnancy.

What is stopping sleep?

Ideally we should hit the pillow and be out in 5-15 minutes. Longer is classified as moderate to severe sleep onset insomnia. Reasons for sleep onset insomnia include pain or discomfort, anxiety, stimulants (caffeine, alcohol), hormone dis-regulation, and blood sugar issues.

Physical pain or discomfort is a major cause of insomnia. Here are some natural things to try before taking pharmaceuticals:

  • Support your adrenals. Depleted adrenals equals low cortisol which means more inflammation and more pain. Read my blog on how to Support your Adrenals During Pregnancy.
  • Inositol, is a B vitamin and can be bought in powdered form for better absorption. It supports brain and liver health, is involved in mood regulation and nerve signal and it mobilizes calcium. It is knows to have a pain relieving effect in the body.

  • Chlorophyll capsules, chew 1-2, one study said they work as well as Tylenol for body aches.

Anxiety is another major cause of insomnia. Pregnancy can increase anxiety.

·      I am a huge fan of counseling or seeing a life couch. We were not created to do life alone. We need each other and sometimes we need experts. Anxiety might be in a specific area. Money for instance can be a huge stress that causes anxiety. No matter what area, there are people that want to help. If you are not ready to see a councilor then you can learn some emotional freedom techniques to help lower anxiety. Here is site to get your started

·      A nightly routine is a powerful way to relax. This can include a warm bath. Warmth stimulates natural melatonin.

·      Try aromatherapy especially lavender and chamomile.

·      Practice breathing exercises. My favorite is to breathe in through the nose for five seconds, hold for ten seconds and breath out through the mouth for five seconds. Repeat three or four times. Why not take a moment to practice? J

Stimulants are a huge cause of insomnia. Your coffee may perk (pun intended) you up during the day, but may rob you of sleep at night. Even decaffeinated coffee has some caffeine in it. Stimulants cause the adrenals to ramp up and then crash. Then late at night your adrenal glands regain some strength and can go into overdrive keeping you awake for hours.

·      Try removing alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and chocolate from your diet.

·      Try to record what you eat in a health notebook and then how they sleep and you will be convinced of this.

Blood Sugar Irregularities are a major reason for insomnia. When our blood sugar drops it signals our cortisol level to rise

which wakes us up.

·      Avoid eating foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates with-in two hours  of going to bed. This would include bread, cereal, grains, and sugars.

·      Instead, eat food high in protein and good fats. Eating a protein right before bed can keep your blood sugar stable longer. If you wake up in the middle of the night try having some juice and a handful of nuts or spoon of nut butter to eat. The juice will raise your blood sugar and the nuts will keep it up longer.

·      Blood sugar issues may be a more serious and need for you to support your adrenals and take a supplement that helps to regulate blood sugars.

·      I recommend for your blood sugar chromium which is safe in pregnancy. I recommend you take Jarrow Chromium GTF

  • My favorite way to support blood sugar that is safe in pregnancy is Slim pink drink. I have seen this work with so many women to balance blood sugars and get rid of insomnia. Get Slim here.

As you can see not sleeping in an intricate issue but you can figure out the root and address it in a natural way. I hope these ideas help you to sleep and I encourage you to dig deeper into your sleep issues. A good night’s sleep is worth it especially when pregnant.