“Lunaception is a form of menstrual cycle regulation and, in some cases, natural birth control and conception aid, that depends upon the woman practicing it to align her menstrual cycle with the phases of the moon.”

Before modern technology and our lives continually being effected by artificial lighting women would most often ovulate with the full moon. Women would start her menstrual cycle with the new moon.

Some people believe that women are the most fertile if they ovulate with the full moon.

We do know that electronic devices and artificial lighting disrupts melatonin hurting our sleep cycles and affecting our hormones because melatonin helps control the hormones that regulate our periods.

The hypothalamus gland has many melatonin receptors. If the hypothalamus does not receive sufficient melatonin its ability to regulate hormonal system is weakened. If you want to get pregnant it is important to realize that taking melatonin is not the answer because it can disrupt ovulation. The exception of course is if you are doing IVF then ovulation does not matter and melatonin is a powerful antioxidant for egg health.

Louise Lacey in the book Lunaception is the first credited with describing lunaception though the concept is much older.

She describes how sleeping in complete darkness to the point where she could not see her hand in front of her face except for three nights each cycle she was able to mimic the full moon and trigger ovulation. During those three nights she slept with a 40 watt bulb lamp with a shade in her room or with a 75 watt bulb in the next room. She called this technique of simulating the full moon lunaception. She and her friends used it for contraception by not having intercourse during the three days the light was on and thus not when they are ovulating.

How to do Lunaception?

Sleep in complete darkness all but three night of the cycle. Usually around days 13, 14, 15 of your your cycle, sleep with a 40 watt bulb under a lamp shade or with a 75 watt bulb on in the next room.

Darkness is defined as not being able to see your hand in front of your face. This means getting rid of any small lights or clocks. It may require getting black out curtains if you live in the city and it is never dark. This is good anyway because the less electronic smog from devices the better for your health and hormones.

Sleeping in darkness and then having the light on triggers ovulation and helps regulate cycles. If you are wanting to get pregnant have intercourse during the days of the light being on.

By avoiding intercourse on the days with the light it can be used as a way to avoid pregnancy. This has been used successfully by women but I don’t recommend it for birth control unless women are very in tune with  their ovulation.

If a woman does not ovulate around the full moon then you can slowly encourage your cycle to get there. For instance if she ovulates a few days after then you can still use the lights part way between the full moon and days 13-15 of the cycle to shift the cycle.

Who would benefit from Lunaception?

  • If you want to regulate your cycle.
  • If you have pcos.
  • If you are getting off the pill.
  • If you want your period back after pregnancy.
  • If you skip periods or have irregular or painful cycles.
  • If you want to balance hormones.
  • If you want to get pregnant.

Really anyone can benefit from this even if not for fertility but just to have healthy hormones and cycles.

It may take a few months to regulate your cycles to where you ovulate with the light but it can be a powerful tool to help regulate your cycle and increase your fertility.

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