How to have fertile eggs for pregnancy!

2 ways to support your egg health and 1 thing that does not matter!

You cannot get pregnant without a healthy egg. The good news even if you are older and have less egg reserve you can still get pregnant if you have a healthy egg. Here is the key to a healthy eggs.

How many eggs a woman has is not as important as the quality of the eggs!

Eggs mature starting at 150 days before ovulation. Each month a certain number of eggs are chosen to being the maturation process. What makes this time period so important? As the eggs mature they double in size over and over again. As they double there can be issues with the chromosomes reproducing correctly. This effects both fertility and miscarriage rate. Chromosomal abnormal eggs have a very low rate of fertilization. The number one reason for early miscarriage, is abnormal chromosomes.

Chromosomal abnormality is credited with 80% of Early miscarriage in the first trimester. The good news is that you can improve egg health and minimize chromosomal errors thus increasing your fertility rate and lowering miscarriage rate.

What affects egg health: toxins and lack of energy!

Toxins: Especially BPA and PHTHALATES cause errors in chromosomal reproduction

LACK Of ENERGY result in errors during chromosomal copying

Age is not the determining factor.

The age of the woman does not directly impact egg health in terms of chromosomal abnormalities. This is because the egg chromosomal health is not determined until 150 days before ovulation.

Women who are older may be more toxic, have depleted nutrients, low hormones, poor blood and oxygen levels, but so may younger women and all these can be addressed.

I want you to consider even if you have intercourse at the perfect time to achieve conception, if your egg’s chromosomes are abnormal you are not likely to have a viable pregnancy. This extends to invitro fertilization.  Even if you are able to harvest a good number of eggs, if they are chromosomal abnormal it is not likely to result in a successful pregnancy. It is not the number of eggs that we are concerned with as much as the quality.

Here are two essential steps to egg quality you can do right now.

1.     Do a detox to remove excess toxins from your body. See my blog A Fertility cleanse Key to a Healthy Pregnancy

Support Egg health2.     Increase you cellular energy by taking Coenzyme Q10 adequate CoQ10 ensures an egg’s ability to produce energy during its preparation when the chromosomes are multiplying and for preventing chromosomal issues.  Studies conclude the best type of CoQ10 for fertility is Ubiquinol. For most people low in CoQ 10 a 300 mg per day dose for the first two weeks and then 100 mg a day is recommended for maintenance.

Other factors that affect egg health are:

·       Diet  and proper nutrients, especially antioxidants, are essential to healthy eggs

·       Hormones for proper cycle and stimulation of maturation

·       Blood flow bringing good nutrients and hormones to the ovaries

·       Stress will deplete the hormones, blood flow and can stop ovulation.

The power to get pregnant and stay pregnant is in your egg’s health and you have the power to create healthy eggs.

If you are wanting to get pregnant but don’t know what the next step should be. I’d love help you. Click the Make a Fertility Plan Button and once I get the results of your form I will contact you to go over it with a plan to get you started on your fertility journey.



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