Low Basel Body Temperature- How to Test For it? What Does It Mean? What To Do About It?

Your basal body temperature is a key to your fertility. If it is low it shouts that your bodies metabolism is not working the way it should. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body runs. If it runs too slow it means every cell in your body is running slower then it should. This can result in a host of problems including often times issues with fertility.  That being said you can have low basal body temperature and get pregnant right away but if you are struggling with fertility it is worth addressing. The question is how do you raise your basal body temperature. The answer is not hard but it does have several pieces and may take a few steps.

What is healthy basal body temperature? From a functional perspective the basal body temperature taken first thing in the morning before you move or drink any water should be consistently above 97.8 degrees F. Take it for 5 mornings in a row and average and if you are ovulating remember that your temperature is higher the second half of your cycle. If it is consistently below 97.8 degrees F. and you are having any symptoms of thyroid issues it indicates secondary thyroid. You can have a perfectly healthy thyroid and not be getting enough thyroid hormone into your cells. This is called secondary Hypothyroidism. When this is true all your labs may come back perfect yet you still have all the symptoms of thyroid issues because your thyroid receptors are blocked.

Here are the Steps for Raising your Basal Body Temperature

  1. Support thyroid
  2. Test and support iodine
  3. Support adrenals
  4. Clean your mitochondria and support them
  5. Reset your metabolism with intermittent fasting for 14 hours
  6. Make sure you are eating enough good calories

Support Thyroid

Your metabolism starts and ends with the thyroid gland. If your thyroid gland is under-active with hypothyroidism then it is likely your basal body temperature will be low. Please read my blog on Thyroid and Fertility  where I talk about testing your thyroid. I explain how the medical normal range is not accurate and why. From a functional perspective a healthy Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) result is between 1 and 2. But what if your TSH is normal?

If you have low basal body and thyroid symptoms then you will want to take a thyroid glandular. Whats a glandular? It’s a part of the thyroid from either a cow or pig that is freeze dried or processed into a supplement. The glandular has the same molecular make of of the thyroid providing the exact building blocks necessary for repair. It is the way to support a damaged thyroid with thyroid parts.  It is important to slowly titrate the glandular well you also provide other nutrients.  I like Bio Thyro by Biogenesis.

Test and Support Iodine

Hormone producing tissue such as the thyroid have a great need for idodine.  Iodine is a class of molecules called halides which also includes chlorine, bromine, and fluorine all of which are toxins to our body except iodine. The other halides will block the cell receptors of your active thyroid hormone so your hormone does not get into the cells. Iodine displaces the other halides and is a building block for thyroid hormone. You can do a 24 hour iodine loading test to determine your iodine levels or you can do the iodine paint test at home. This is simple you take lugals iodine and paint a square on your inner arm of about an inch. Then time how long it takes to disappear. You should still be able to see it for 24 hours. If you can not see it after 12 hours it may indicate you are lower in iodine. For great information on supplementing iodine read Lynne Farrow’s book The Iodine Crisis.

Support Adrenals
If your adrenals are depleted then you may need to take some adrenal support at the same time.  Think about it this way your adrenals and thyroid are best friends. If your adrenal say to your thyroid I am really tired I don’t think I can keep working so hard. Your thyroid will slow down the metabolism so your adrenals can rest. This really does happen with your endocrine system all working together to support each other. My favorite adrenal support is HPA axis daytime by gaia herbs. Most people in our hectic world can do with some adrenal support. To learn how to choose specific herbal adrenal support read my Blog 5 Questions to Choose Adrenal Support

Clean your mitochondria  and support them

Doing a detox of our body once of twice a year keeps everything running well. Toxins including those that affect our thyroid are every where. We can give our body all the nutrients we need but if we don’t clear out the junk they will still be hampered in doing their jobs. Often times doing a really good cleans will reset and give our thyroid the boost it needs to help raise our basal body temperature. What does a detox look like will that depends on you. If you are wanting to get pregnant I recommend the Male Fertility Cleanse and Female Fertility Cleanses. Learn More about the importance of a fertility Cleanse From my Blog Fertility Cleanse Key To Healthy Pregnancy. For everybody else I really like this homeopathic cleanse.  The best nutrient to support your mitochondria are Ubiquinol CoQ10, and Glutathione. I like Jarrow Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Liposomal glutathione. Healthy mitochondria are also key to healthy eggs and sperm.

Reset your Metabolism

An excellent way to support your metabolism is to give your body a break from digesting food by not eating for 14 hours. This is a form a intermittent fasting. It is very easy to do. Simply what ever time you last ate you wait 14- 16 hours to eat again. Now if you have low blood sugar you may need to eat something in the middle of the night and with in an hour of getting up in the morning. Once you get your blood sugar more balanced you can try this.

Eat Enough Calories

This brings us to the last step but very important. Eat plenty of good quality food. If your body is not getting enough good calories it will slow down. This is called down regulation of metabolism when it is going thorough the supply of calories faster then it is being replaced it will slow down the rate at which it burns the calories thus lowering your basal body temperature. You can do both the above intermittent fasting and eating enough calories. The key though is you are eating good high quality foods not fast food and simple carbohydrates.

If you can do these 6 steps you should see a raise in your basal body temperature and an improvement in your overall health.



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Pictures are copyright Creative Commons or through Canva.