Fertility Assessment

““After struggling with infertility then pregnancy loss for 4 years, we consulted with Kara. Now, we have three beautiful little girls, and are so incredibly thankful! We can confidently say that we would not have our girls if it weren’t for Kara, and we’re so incredibly thankful. She literally gave us the gift of being parents.”— — Ashley from Missouri

I know fertility problems can feel devastating, but I also know there are things you can do to greatly increase your chance of getting pregnant. I am confident we can work on these issues together and give you the best chance possible of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Whether you’ve had infertility issues or pregnancy loss or just want to plan for optimal health before conceiving, there are answers to fertility issues. Before you choose to go the route of in vitro fertilization, there are many easier and less expensive key options found in lifestyle, diet, environment, and functional tests. Even in doing in vitro fertilization these keys can help it to be more successful. Knowing what your next step should be on the journey of fertility is a must.  I would love to walk you through an assessment of what might be preventing you from getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Once you take the fertility test below you will receive an email to make a free appointment with me to go over the results.