The Downside of Folic Acid

The bottom line is if you take folic acid and have a mthfr gene mutation or your cell receptors are blocked because of too much folic acid you are at higher risk for infertility issues, recurrent pregnancy loss, preeclampsia, a child with Down syndrome or autism, postpartum depression or chronic depression, and elevated homocysteine levels.

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Nausea in Pregnancy

Morning sickness, which rarely happens only in the morning, is no fun. Oftentimes women just feel nauseous and blah, but some women throw up several times a day and cannot keep anything down throughout the whole pregnancy. There are several theories as to what causes nausea in pregnancy and here I explore three of them. First the body is detoxing; Second, low blood sugar; and third, low in magnesium. Unfortunately, not one thing works for everyone, so I have included here a list that work from most successful to what works for only a few. I encourage women to be proactive keep trying them until they find what works for them.