3 Breathing Exercises for Happiness and to lower stress

Sometimes when life is stressful we need a little help to relax and reroute our brain. Breathing exercise and visualization are great tools for this. Breath is a super powerful tool and can be super easy go to for our tool belt.

Breathing Exercise #1 Even Breathing

Breath in through the mouth for a count of four and then out through the mouth for a count of four. Continue doing this for as long as you need at least four or five cycles. This will calm you down and give you something to focus on. It is great for relaxing in an emergency and if you are trying to fall asleep.

Breathing Exercise #2 Triple 5 Breathing

Breath in through your nose for a count of five seconds, hold for five seconds, and breath out through your mouth for five seconds. Repeat three or four times. This is very calming as you stop everything and hold your breath. It is great for when you are feeling stressed and want to reset your emotions.

Breathing Exercise #3 Counting Breathing

Breath in and then when you exhale count to one and then breath in again as deep as you want and when you exhale count to two. Breath in as long as you want and then breath out again and count to three. Do this until you get to five. Then start again at only breathing out to the count of one. If you start to feel dizzy stop and breath normal for a moment before you continue. This will increase the depth and rhythm of your breathing.

Fun Visualization

Visualizing something can lift your emotions and bring joy. This is a super simple visualization but you might be surprised to find yourself smiling.

  • Close your eyes and picture a glass of water half full and then picture the water rising in the glass to where it overflows.
  • I also like to visualize a fountain flowing and bubbling. Water is super restful and healing even if only in your mind.

I hope you use and enjoy these techniques to rest, lower stress, and increase your sense of well-being.


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