10 Ways to Increase the Fertility of Your Cervical Mucus

When it comes to fertility it is not so much about the amount of mucus as it is about the quality. Though you want to have enough as well. Here are 10 ways to affect mucus in a positive way in order to get pregnant.

1. Improve Vaginal PH
A study was done on 93 infertile women in which they did a douche with a solution of sodium bicarbonate between 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse. Then the PCT (postcoital test) was done to determine if there was any difference in the interaction of the sperm and cervical mucus. Women with repeated poor PCT improved with astonishing differences. 31 of the women become pregnant immediately during the study. The PCT examines the interaction between sperm and cervical mucus.

Sodium bicarbonate improves vaginal conductivity which plays a important role in successful conception. If you want to douche with sodium bicarbonate some health care providers recommend the following recipe.

Mix 2 tablespoons sodium bicarbonate (also known as backing soda) into 4 cups of luke warm water.

Some care providers are concerned that douching with sodium bicarbonate is too harsh for delicate vaginal tissue. Dr. Brighton recommends using sterilized sea salt water called Original Quinton isotonic which has high levels naturally of sodium bicarbonate and other activated minerals. It can be used a drink or vaginal rinse to support fertility. Original Quinton may increase the electrical conductivity of vaginal mucus and increases tissue hydration, buffers tissue pH, promotes the growth of probiotics, and supports enzyme activity. All key in having healthy vaginal flora and in turn good cervical mucus.

Original Quinton Isotonic 30 Amps

2.Take a good multivitamin and mineral.
Getting the right nutrients improves cervical mucus. Calcium and magnesium are needed for the mucs to be stretchy. Zinc is important for ample production. Iron and Vitamin A are needed by the mucus membrane. It is best to take a food based organic multi or prenatal. Vitamin E increases cervical mucus in women. Be sure to get it from a food source like sunflower oil or wheat germ oil.

3. Hydrate – It sounds simple but it is true if you are dehydrated you will not produce as much cervical mucus. Grapefruit Juice is especially good for hydration and for fertility.

4. Take Omega 3s the quality of cervical mucus and increase blood flow to reproductive organs. Evening Primrose Oil is an omega 3 that has been shown to increase cervical mucus.

5. Increase Estrogen production. Often times low mucus production has to do with low hormonal output especially estrogen. So balancing hormones is key to mucus production.

The mucus production mirrors estrogen production which in a normal cycle is low to start with as the mucus is scant and thick. As estrogen rises and ovulation nears the mucus become greater and thinner, wetter and clearer. Right before ovulation estrogen should peak and the mucus is jelly like, clear and has a raw egg white appearance that can be stretched between fingers.
Estorgen is made in the ovaries and need to be given minerals to thrive. Chaste Tree promotes estrogen production and balance with progesterone.

6. Sleep in a dark room with no red light. The lights can mess up your circadian rhythm and confuse your body as to when it should be producing more cervical mucus. See my blog on Lunaception.

7. Avoid antihistamines as they can dry up cervical mucus. I recommend a natural antihistamine antronex

8. L- Arginine supports blood flow to your uterus and vagina which encourages more cervical mucus production. Warning if you have a history of herpes L-Arginine can cause an outbreak so it is not recommended.

9. Candida can cause low viable cervical mucus.
It is important to get rid of candida before pregnancy anyway. Use Saccharomyces Boulardii 5 billion and other good probiotics as well as a good anti fungal. I like biocidin. Support liver because anytime there is an infection the liver has to work harder. It is just a good idea to support the liver before pregnancy to set it up for a healthy pregnancy.

10. Try Vaginal Steaming. When you use the right herbs, it can increase cervical mucus. In general, in can help support vaginal and uterine health. See my blog

Your cervical mucus is part of your report card of health and fertility. If you do not have enough or the quality is not good it reflect on your health in general. These are 10 simple ways to increase your mucus quality or quantity. If you want more support with your fertility journey I would love to work with you.


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