6 Supplements for a great Postpartum

These 6 vitamins are what I recommend every mom be on during the postpartum. I also recommend they be on them during pregnancy and really anytime. They are such a good foundation for health.

Nausea in Pregnancy

Morning sickness, which rarely happens only in the morning, is no fun. Oftentimes women just feel nauseous and blah, but some women throw up several times a day and cannot keep anything down throughout the whole pregnancy. There are several theories as to what causes nausea in pregnancy and here I explore three of them. First the body is detoxing; Second, low blood sugar; and third, low in magnesium. Unfortunately, not one thing works for everyone, so I have included here a list that work from most successful to what works for only a few. I encourage women to be proactive keep trying them until they find what works for them.